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Netlogistix has its origins in  AllGo Computer Services Inc. which began in 1992. Our goal has always been to maximize connectivity and productivity in an office.  This involves not only setting up networks adequately, but also setting up security and data retrieval procedures.  We also set up Office software to its maximum potential relative to the needs of the office, as this is key to taking off the workload from users and enabling them to carry out other business related tasks.

We provide onsite and remote technical support, as well as on-site/off-site training.

Our clients include organizations in the insurance, banking, investment, communication, manufacturing and personnel placement industries.

Allwyn Gomes CRISC(Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control), President

With an electronics background, Allwyn moved initially into the computer hardware area, moving with technology improvements into the networking, remote access, wireless, data storage and security arenas.

As a CRISC professional, certified by ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) he has provided extensive risk information and security services, including policy and procedures setup and implementation. He is experienced in the areas of Risk Identification, Assessment and Evaluation, Risk Response and Monitoring, IS Control Design and Implementation, and in Control Monitoring & Maintenance.

He designs, implements and maintains secure VPNs, firewalls and intrusion detection systems. In keeping with risk reduction goals, he also creates and sets up email/backup policies & procedures, disaster recovery plans and management reports based on server, firewall, intrusion detection, backup and user access log files.

The nature of his work requires hardware and software recommendation, procurement, installation, configuration and maintenance.

As per the requirements of the financial industry, he has installed and configured various financial software packages, implemented and maintains secure third party connections to Bloomberg, FMC, Scotia McLeod and Thomson.
Marilyn Gomes BSc., AIIC, PMP(Project Management Professional), Director

An avid user and developer of Microsoft Office Applications for over 12 years, Marilyn has considerable expertise in creating, customizing and integrating Microsoft Office components.  She has developed Microsoft Access, Excel and Word integrated applications that have speeded up and increased the accuracy of work done by their various users, which include banks, financial institutions and manufacturing operations.

Her early background in banking and insurance, set the grounds to develop useful applications that have simple interfaces, concealing the tedious, possibly error-prone work in applications that run easily, performing complex tasks according to specified requirements.

This extensive Microsoft Office background lays the foundation to teach these skills to other Microsoft Office users, enhancing and simplifying their work and increasing the productivity in their workplace.

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