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Recent global events and power outages have drawn attention to an otherwise barely thought of requirement - Backup, Data Storage & Retrieval and Disaster Recovery Plans.

Disk to Disk (onsite-onsite or onsite-offsite), Online Backups and NAS and SAN have gained popularity for their cost-effectiveness, efficiency, reliability and ease of use.

Such systems enable you to backup your systems without bringing them down. They give you the confidence that your backups contain all the data, OS, applications and system configuration information that you expect.  Your backup and restoration processes are automated so you and your IT team can focus on more strategic projects. When disaster strikes, it allows you to shrink downtime to minutes instead of hours.  All this so you can worry less about backups and focus more on success of your business.

NAS (Network Access Storage) technology has a place in the IT organization for general file sharing applications, using industry standard protocols such as NFS over traditional networks. NAS is not well suited nor should it be used for database applications. The reasons pertain to performance, data integrity and management. General-purpose NAS or NFS filers, and specific products, do not provide basic data integrity safeguards to support databases. While vendor-specific changes or enhancements can be found on some solutions, they do not provide full end-to-end data integrity for database systems or fit in all database applications.

SAN (Storage Area Networks) are better suited to store and access data information.  A Fibre Channel-based SAN is used to offload I/Os from busy networks that use interfaces optimized for storage functions. Fibre Channel and Hardware RAID provide mirrored cache, end-end data protection, multiple hardware RAID levels, dynamic storage allocation and movement, simplified backups and support for all databases on all platforms, including clustered database systems.

Security policies must be designed and implemented to ensure the successful data recovery in the time required or as quickly as possible in order to reduce downtime and inconvenience.

Netlogistix will recommend/purchase the necessary hardware & software to design and implement a suitable backup, storage and disaster recovery plan for your business.