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Access – Snap To Grid and To Grid

Snap To Grid Under Size/Space, when you move the control, Access aligns the upper-left corner of a control to the grid. To Grid Select the control, then goto Sizing & Ordering group -> Align, Access immediately moves the control’s upper left corner to the nearest grid point. […]

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Using Application Part forms in Access 2010

Form Wizard or Quick Create can be used to create Access forms quickly, that can then be tweaked as per the user preferences. However Application Part forms, a new feature in Access 2010, supply a few buttons with the macros already incorporated – ex. a button with […]

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Navigation control in Access 2010

There is a new control in Access 2010 – the Navigation Control. This is based on the old Switchboard Manager idea in previous Access releases. The navigation control is used to create a navigational interface similar to websites that mostly have buttons running along the top and […]

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Selecting a single layered object on a slide in Powerpoint

With layered objects on a Powerpoint slide, press Tab to cycle through the objects on the slide, until Powerpoint selects the object you need.

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10 tips for using OneNote to keep your good ideas from getting away

In case you are wondering how to put OneNote to work for you..

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Dates in Access – First and Last Day

FirstDay: DateSerial(Year([Testdate]),Month([Testdate]),1) LastDay: DateSerial(Year([Testdate]),Month([Testdate])+1,0) PrevMth_FirstDay: DateSerial(Year([Testdate]),Month([Testdate])-1,1) PrevMth_LastDay: DateSerial(Year([Testdate]),Month([Testdate]),0) NextMth_FirstDay: DateSerial(Year([Testdate]),Month([Testdate])+1,1) NextMth_LastDay: DateSerial(Year([Testdate]),Month([Testdate])+2,0)

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Keyboard shortcuts for a smooth Powerpoint Presentation

By Jody Gilbert November 17, 2009, 2:11 PM PST Takeaway: You don’t need to get distracted by the mechanics of presenting a slide show. Learn just a few shortcuts and you can focus on your audience and your message instead. How do you feel about standing in […]

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Reduce the #DIV/0! error in Excel

If you know your formula is correct, and it is okay for the column being used in the division to have a zero, (and you don’t want your end user to think your spreadsheet is wrong), then your formula should use the IF statement.  Ex. If  A2/B2=0 […]

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I don’t know why or how you would say good-bye to Microsoft

Microsoft is in our lives more than we realize..

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Mail merge in Word 2007

Mailmerge is a super tool and the whole process can even be automated further using VBA.  However, here we are going to take the menu route. Further, this is an example only of the steps that can be taken – you can choose the option that suits […]

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