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Excel – Change the default number format

The default number format in Excel is General. To  set the default format, you have two choices.  One is to preformat the range of cells, or select and preformat the entire worksheet.  And the second, more preferable method,  is to change the Normal style, as the default […]

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Excel – Changing the link source

If your source workbook changes, you may need to change your external references.  For example if your original source file was Annual Sales, but the final file is then called Annual Sales 2012. To change the link source, use the Edit Links dialog box.  File-> Info -> […]

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Why use VBA

Using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), you can make Microsoft Office components such as Excel, Access, Outlook, Word etc. do almost whatever you need done. You can: Automate manual procedures Automate repetitive tasks. Insert boilerplate text Create number sequences as required Create custom commands Develop whole new […]

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First look: Microsoft Office 2013 – Tech Republic

A quick preview of Microsoft Office 2013..

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Excel – Summarizing data in a table

Convert a range of data into a table by choosing Insert ->Tables ->Table. The table is named Table1 by default. In the bottom row of the table, you now have a summary formula for a table column..

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Excel – Copying a formula to another cell

Ever try copying a formula to another cell and then found that all the references change? To copy a formula so that it does not change when moved to another cell: Simply put an apostrophe before the formula that you want to copy, copy and paste into […]

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How to select which programming (or other) skills to learn

This article from TechRepublic outlines how to select which programming skills to learn when looking for a job.  However, these points also apply to learning any skills when looking for a new job.  All, or at least most offices use Microsoft Office, and it is worth learning […]

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Training ROI: How to Make Sure Training Is Worth Your Money

From All workers can benefit from professional development and training courses, but when times are tough, training is often one of the first things cut from the budget. Whether they’re to stay on top of industry changes or sharpen their skills, workers benefit from training, and […]

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