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Every small business owner, or department in a large company has a use for Microsoft Access.  It can used to create multiple databases inexpensively.  It offers flexibility, ability to manage data, perform quick analysis using queries.

User forms can be designed for different types of users.  Lengthy processes can be automated using VBA, producing the required set of data, either in Access itself, to Excel, in the form of a report or sent as a file using Outlook. 

Data can be imported as a text file, .csv or .txt format, or imported from Excel. Furthermore, Access can be linked to other databases such as Oracle or DBase etc.

Some large companies keep these databases department specific, as they can use the company data as a source, but be tailored to use the data for the department or user specific needs.

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Access Foundation  Details
Opening a Database & Security Issues, Tables, Fields and Field Types, Table Navigation & Modification, Field Properties, Manipulating Tables & Records, Primary Keys and Indexing, Filtering, Sorting, Searching, Relationships, Forms.

Access Intermediate Details
Queries, Reports, Exporting, Printing, the Access 2010 Interface, Database Terminology & Theory, Trusted Locations, Fields, Relationships, Joins.

Access Advanced  Details
Data manipulation, calculation, wildcard and parameter queries.  Report controls and calculations, Form controls and sub-forms.  Macros, Linking data, Importing and Exporting data.

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