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Don’t use Yes/No fields to store preferences

This is an article by Allen Browne, about the use of creating a list of choices to select from, rather than creating seperate fields that are boolean (Yes/No) fields. Using choice fields, preferably choices laid out in a seperate table, rather than a list of values in […]

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Access – Date picker not showing

The Access date picker is a little calendar that appears on the side of a date field when the date field is clicked on.   When clicked, this pops up to allow the selection of a date from the calendar. If the date picker does not display, the three main […]

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MS Access – Validate controls on form

Use this code on the BeforeUpdate event. Name your controls so that the user will know which box they must complete. For each ctl in frm.controls If isnull(ctl.value) then Msgbox “Please enter ” & ctl.Name ctl.Name.Setfocus Cancel=true Exit Sub End if Next If there is any control […]

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Access 2010 Error – MS Access not working

Whenever there is a code error, no matter how small – you may not be given a chance to correct it if you switch to another form or move to another object. MS Access 2010 abruptly pops up a box with the error MS Access Not Working […]

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Access – Snap To Grid and To Grid

Snap To Grid Under Size/Space, when you move the control, Access aligns the upper-left corner of a control to the grid. To Grid Select the control, then goto Sizing & Ordering group -> Align, Access immediately moves the control’s upper left corner to the nearest grid point. […]

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Using Application Part forms in Access 2010

Form Wizard or Quick Create can be used to create Access forms quickly, that can then be tweaked as per the user preferences. However Application Part forms, a new feature in Access 2010, supply a few buttons with the macros already incorporated – ex. a button with […]

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Navigation control in Access 2010

There is a new control in Access 2010 – the Navigation Control. This is based on the old Switchboard Manager idea in previous Access releases. The navigation control is used to create a navigational interface similar to websites that mostly have buttons running along the top and […]

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Dates in Access – First and Last Day

FirstDay: DateSerial(Year([Testdate]),Month([Testdate]),1) LastDay: DateSerial(Year([Testdate]),Month([Testdate])+1,0) PrevMth_FirstDay: DateSerial(Year([Testdate]),Month([Testdate])-1,1) PrevMth_LastDay: DateSerial(Year([Testdate]),Month([Testdate]),0) NextMth_FirstDay: DateSerial(Year([Testdate]),Month([Testdate])+1,1) NextMth_LastDay: DateSerial(Year([Testdate]),Month([Testdate])+2,0)

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“Make MDE File” or “Make ADE File” Command Is Not Available

 You cannot create a Microsoft Office Access ADE or MDE file from a database saved in Microsoft Office Access 2000 format.

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Access – Too Few Parameters. Expected 1

From Andy Baron: When a parameterized query is run in Access, Access provides an expression service that evaluates many parameters. For example, a reference to a control on an open form will be evaluated automatically, and the query containing that parameter will use the value contained in […]

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