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Excel – Increase number of rows

Spreadsheets in versions of Excel prior to Excel 2010 were limited to 65536 rows and 256 columns.  To increase these, simply open the workbook in Excel 2010, and save.

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Excel Chart tip -ribbon vs format dialog

The ribbon controls do not have a complete set of tools for chart elements.  The Format dialog box has options that are not available on the ribbon.

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Excel Charts – Pie, Doughnut or Stacked

Pie charts can represent only one data series, whereas doughnut charts can represent multiple data series.  Each of these series in a doughnut chart are represented by concentric rings.  Because one ring is smaller than the other, the slices of the ring(s) may give a visually decieving representation […]

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Excel Cell reference type change shortcut

You can change the cell reference type, manually and painfully using $ signs before the row numbers and/or column headers.  Or, you can take the easy route using the F4 key. To use, insert the ‘=’ sign in the  cell, then use your mouse to select the […]

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Creating Word Templates

Why create word templates and how do we create them without unwanted add-ons? The number one no-no is to not base your template on an existing document. This will only invite every little attribute or hanger-on that is either not really obvious, but not deleted, to come […]

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Drawing toolbar in Excel 2010

If you are wondering where this disappeared in Excel 2010, you can blame the Ribbon.  The Ribbon is designed to show the menus with commands to help complete a task.  As such, there are the basic commands on each tab, and then there are the Contextual tabs […]

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Word – Create a new style

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Scroll through worksheet without losing active cell

 While in the Active cell, press the Scroll Lock key.  Excel will display Scroll Lock  in the Status bar.  Use the navigation arrows to scroll/navigate through the worksheet as required.  When done, use Ctrl-Backspace key to return to the active cell.  Press the Scroll Lock key again […]

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Excel – Date axis in Sparklines

Sparklines in Excel tend to show values as if the dates exist even if there are gaps in dates, by showing even charts with no intervals.  However, if the date axis is selected,  the sparkline charts will show the gaps in the dates. To specify a date […]

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Excel files as source for Excel Query

Data from other Excel workbooks may be used in a workbook.  You can put as many data tables in a workbook as a source for Query, but you will need to name the tables as ranges, because that’s how they are identified in Query.

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