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10 things deploying Microsoft Office can teach you

From TechRepublic:

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Quick Tip: Add Administrative Tools to the Windows 8 Start Screen

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Twitter demonstrates troubleshooting capacity

Here are some thoughts on how Twitter can be helpful in increasing work efficiency..;carousel   By Erik Eckel –

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Managing travel productivity

Notes from Travel Management Canada, Summer 2012 magazine: Mobile technology plays a role in enhancing travel safety and security, however checking on potential risks before booking travel is important. Most managed travel programs have as part of their travel policy, a provider or a third-party via their travel […]

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Why use VBA

Using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), you can make Microsoft Office components such as Excel, Access, Outlook, Word etc. do almost whatever you need done. You can: Automate manual procedures Automate repetitive tasks. Insert boilerplate text Create number sequences as required Create custom commands Develop whole new […]

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First look: Microsoft Office 2013 – Tech Republic

A quick preview of Microsoft Office 2013..

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Poll: IT Pros plan to buy Microsoft Surface tablets not iPads

What’s the pro opinion on tablets – Apple Ipads vs Microsoft Surface tablets (and others)?  Check the poll results by Techrepublic.. Related:;siu-container

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Office over Libre

How Microsoft Office Tops LibreOffice: 11 Features By Datamation. However, the main strength of Office to  me, is the ability to integrate Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint using VBA.  This helps businesses streamline manual procedures using automation, and results in time and therefore cost savings.    

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10 tips for using OneNote to keep your good ideas from getting away

In case you are wondering how to put OneNote to work for you..

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I don’t know why or how you would say good-bye to Microsoft

Microsoft is in our lives more than we realize..

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