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Excel is used to work with multiple rows and columns of data, and some businesses use it as a basic database.  However it is better suited for calculations and for summarizing data.  Pivot tables, the grouping and subtotals function are some of the great features of Excel.

Quick calculations and calculations on massive amounts of data are a breeze in Excel.  Thousands of rows of data can be summarized in different slices to give a manager or business owner various viewpoints.  Data can be cut, sliced & chopped till it is palatable and digestible to the user.  Further, these numbers can pictured and portrayed via charts and dressed up if necessary. 

Excel can also be used by many as a database and can also be queried like one.  The information is stored in rows and columns and can seem like a database.  However, while large chunks of data can be crunched and bunched into manageable chunks using filters, pivot tables, grouping, or subtotalling, Excel just does not come up to the level of Microsoft  Access for st.orage, flexibility and ability to create multiple databases.

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Microsoft Excel 2010  Foundation
 TBA  $195

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Excel Foundation  Details
Using Excel 2010, Selection Techniques, Manipulating Rows and Columns, Manipulating Cells and Cell Content, Worksheets, Font Formatting, Alignment Formatting, Number Formatting, Freezing Row and Column Titles, Formulas, Functions, Charts, Customizing Excel

Excel Intermediate Details
Setup & Printing Issues,  Functions and Formulas, Time & Date Functions, Mathematical Functions, Logical Functions, Mathematical Functions, Statistical Functions, Financial Functions, Lookup Functions, Database Functions, Named Ranges, Cell Formatting, Manipulating Worksheets,  Templates, Paste Special Options.

Excel Advanced  Details
Pivot Tables, Input Tables, Charts, Hyperlinks, Linking & Embedding, Importing Text Files, Sorting and Filtering Data, Tracking and Reviewing Changes, Scenarios, Validating, Auditing, Macros, Passwords & Security Issues

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