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Email Policy and Compliance

Even though a large percentage of mid-sized and large organizations in North America have some sort of policy focused on the use of email, only 31% have a detailed and thorough policy about the appropriate use of email. This is a small amount considering the urgency of making sure that organizations are compliant.

Claiming compliance, is not just about establishing an email policy. It it is about mitigating risk and knowing that if litigation should arise, your organization will be ready to face it. Through the creation of retention and acceptable usage policies, an organization can ensure that any information being circulated electronically within the organization, or into, or out of the organisation, is compliant all over.

Retention and Acceptable Usage Policies

One has to determine and establish as to how long the retention period for the sent or received emails should be set at. These archives should be placed in a secured location, at the same time acceptable usage policies defining the employees (Users) email and internet usage privileges should be in place. It is important that all should understand the policies and what are the consequences of violating them, only then will you see the benefit of implementing the policies. It is crucial that decision makers from each department should be involved in creating and writing the policies which will fulfill their mandate. The departments involved would be Information Technology, Human Resources, and also Legal and Operations department if the company has one.

One of the issues that should be addressed in the policy is the issue of network access and physical security with regards to email. It may also cover usernames, passwords (validity and storage), web access, and session restrictions, and logoffs. Consider implementing a duress login/password scheme and explaining it in your email policy.

Some of the items to include in the policies are:

• Authentication
• Monitoring & Archiving
• Scanning
• Mobile Devices
• Data Leak Prevention
• Educating the users

For more detailed on how to create the policies or to arrange a one on one consultancy please contact Netlogistix.

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