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Hiding data safely in the Cloud

In cloud computing data is being stored and processed while in the cloud.

With cloud being a remote access platform, technical controls that enforce a security policy are efficient, but do not provide a full solution.

The mechanisms are usually static, requiring security protocols to be removed while a transaction is being processed and completed. For example, encryption forces confidentiality by disguising/hiding the data, however while data is being processed, the data becomes exposed.

The data owner does not want the data to be exposed to the CSP (Cloud Service Provider). As well, the CSP will not guarantee unwanted access to PII (Personally Identifiable Information) hosted in the cloud.

SMC(Secure Multiparty Computation) and HE (Homomorphic Encryption) are two technologies that preserve cryptographic security during processing. This means that data can be concealed even while it is being processed, resulting in better confidentiality and greater trust with the CSP.

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