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Access – Date picker not showing

The Access date picker is a little calendar that appears on the side of a date field when the date field is clicked on.   When clicked, this pops up to allow the selection of a date from the calendar.

If the date picker does not display, the three main causes are:

  1. The field is not bound to a date field in the underlying table.
  2. In the properties of the field, ‘Never’ has been selected.  Select ‘For Dates’ and not ‘Never’. Editing this in the form view overwrites the setting in table view.
  3. Input mask has been set.  The Access date picker (calendar) on the field will not display if the field has an input mask set.  Because the date picker is being used, the idea is that it is not necessary to also have an input mask.  Remove the input mask if any has been set.

This video on the basic use of date picker may be helpful.

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