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Navigation control in Access 2010

There is a new control in Access 2010 – the Navigation Control. This is based on the old Switchboard Manager idea in previous Access releases. The navigation control is used to create a navigational interface similar to websites that mostly have buttons running along the top and side of the web pages. It is used to navigate to the forms and reports in the database, and is used in web forms as well as client forms.

The control options are:
Horizontal Tabs
Vertical Tabs, Left
Vertical Tabs, Right
Horizontal Tabs, 2 levels
Horizontal Tabs and Vertical Tabs, Left
Horizontal Tabs ad Vertical Tabs, Right

The navigation control must be used with a subform container. The Add New button is used to create new buttons, but is not visible when the form is opened in form view.

Note that while you can drag web forms and web reports into a navigation control on a client form, you cannot drag a client form or client report into a navigation control on a web form.

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