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Create new stationery in Outlook 2010

Ever wanted to create your own stationery in Outlook?  Here are two methods:

Method 1

Open up a new message and create your message the way you would like it to appear on every email.  Goto File -> SaveAs -> type %appdata%\microsoft\data in the dialog address bar and press Enter.  The Stationery folder opens.  Select file type as html and save as your template name. 

To use the new stationery, goto Home->NewItems-> E-mail Message Using -> More Stationery and select your stationery.  Once used, your stationery name will appear at the top of the menu when ‘E-mail Message Using’ is selected.

Method 2

Create the whole template, logo and signature included in a new signature file, and make this your default signature file when  you need to use this as a template file.





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