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Mail merge in Word 2007

Mailmerge is a super tool and the whole process can even be automated further using VBA.  However, here we are going to take the menu route. Further, this is an example only of the steps that can be taken – you can choose the option that suits you best!

Go to Mailings->Step-by-step Mail Merge Wizard->Letters->Start from a Template->(Select the Template)->Use an existing List->(Choose your list – could be a .csv file)->(Validate your data by checking if the info is correct and the columns lined up correctly) or (if you choose another data source such as an Access/SQL Server/Oracle database you will get different options that may involve setting up a DSN i.e. data source, or you choose Outlook contacts)->Once you’ve selected the Recipient source, click Next: Write your letter->Preview Your Letter (you can exclude a letter here too, or edit your recipient list, you can also edit a particular letter and the changes will not be reflected in subsequent letters)->Click Next to complete the mailmerge (now you can either Print the letters or Edit the letters first.

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