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Managing travel productivity

Notes from Travel Management Canada, Summer 2012 magazine:

Mobile technology plays a role in enhancing travel safety and security, however checking on potential risks before booking travel is important.

Most managed travel programs have as part of their travel policy, a provider or a third-party via their travel management company that provides them with real-time alerts and information for travellers on who to contact and when. -Tanya Racz, President of the Global Business travel Association Canada (GBTA)

Once on location, there are apps that allow travellers to let their organizations know electronically where in the world they are and whether they need help, but it doesn’t need to be an app.   Instead the GPS location provided by cellular companies on their phones can be used. 

Furthermore, some apps can be risky as they can automatically connect to an employee’s Facebook or LinkedIn account and broadcast the fact that the employee is not at work or home.  This can also present corporate security issues.

Re working on a laptop at an airport, using a privacy filter, which can darken screen images from side views, can ward off unwanted eyes.    Also ensure that laptops are hardware encrypted to prevent information access if the device is lost or stolen.   Some people travel with blank laptops.

While technology offers myriad benefits in terms of traveller convenience and boosting productivity, Racz says that corporate travellers become unable to disconnct from work due to the spread of technology designed to make their work life easier.  The question remained whether the proliferation of technology would make life better for corporate road warriors or lead to more burn out.

It’s really a double-edged sword.  You just really have no down time.  It’s great to be able to be on a plane and have WiFi and continue to work away, but it really does impact your overall quality of life and what you’re able to then do after the road trip is finished.  – Tanya Racz

Sherry Saunders, senior VP and GM, CWT Canada, says that corporate travellers must exercise personal discipline in order to use technology properly without being tied to it. And used properly, technology can relieve – rather than contribute to – stress while the road. Ex. doing mundane tasks such as expenses would be a way to use technology to relieve stress and manage productivity.

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