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Excel Comments to Cells

Comments to cells are a good way to document the purpose of the cell, or describe the formula etc. To add a comment you can: Right-click the cell and select Insert Comment Press Shift+F2 Choose Review-> Comments-> New Comment You can control the display of the comments […]

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Excel 2007 – Calculation Issue

Check out this link for more details..

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Access – Date picker not showing

The Access date picker is a little calendar that appears on the side of a date field when the date field is clicked on.   When clicked, this pops up to allow the selection of a date from the calendar. If the date picker does not display, the three main […]

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Excel table advantages

So why use Excel tables?  Isn’t a spreadsheet just like a table?  Well, there are benefits to using an excel table.. First, here’s how to create one. Simply select your data and go to Home-> Styles-> Format As Table, pick the table style from the selection that […]

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Create new stationery in Outlook 2010

Ever wanted to create your own stationery in Outlook?  Here are two methods: Method 1 Open up a new message and create your message the way you would like it to appear on every email.  Goto File -> SaveAs -> type %appdata%\microsoft\data in the dialog address bar and […]

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Conditional formatting in Excel

Use this feature to highlight different aspects of data and make it more readable. Select the data containing the info to be highlighted.  Go to Home->Styles->Conditional Formatting->Highlight Cells Rules and then select which rule applies best. If you are adventurous, you can also create your own rules.  […]

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Office over Libre

How Microsoft Office Tops LibreOffice: 11 Features By Datamation. However, the main strength of Office to  me, is the ability to integrate Excel, Access, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint using VBA.  This helps businesses streamline manual procedures using automation, and results in time and therefore cost savings.    

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Slicer in Excel 2010

Use slicers to view (slice) a pivot table to make the pivot table summarization of data easier to read. In essence, a slicer will ‘slice’ the pivot table by selected categories, so that only data is viewed. To use: Click inside the pivot table -> the contextual […]

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MS Access – Validate controls on form

Use this code on the BeforeUpdate event. Name your controls so that the user will know which box they must complete. For each ctl in frm.controls If isnull(ctl.value) then Msgbox “Please enter ” & ctl.Name ctl.Name.Setfocus Cancel=true Exit Sub End if Next If there is any control […]

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Access 2010 Error – MS Access not working

Whenever there is a code error, no matter how small – you may not be given a chance to correct it if you switch to another form or move to another object. MS Access 2010 abruptly pops up a box with the error MS Access Not Working […]

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