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Real Goal of an IT Audit

The perception of auditors as ‘the police’ or as those out to catch mistakes and punish, is as we know, very common, sending waves of dread among those to be audited.

The relationship between those to be audited and those doing the auditing is usually formal and definitely not the back-slapping ebullient kind.

However, the real goal of an audit is in essence, to identify and reduce risk. Timely and regular audits help reduce the exposure of a company to the ever-changing risks due to piracy, cyber-crime, software & hardware resources, cloud storage etc. Companies have more to fear from the ‘invisible’ intangible attack via technology rather than a physical invasion via a door or window.

IT auditors are not simply compliance monitors or enforcement officers.

The best policies are only as good as their intended implementation and maintenance. The business of a business is to run the business and drive up their profitability. Implementation and maintenance of IT Security policies safeguard this profitability, and also enhance the profitability where compliance is a requirement (as in investor situations).

IT auditors are there to advise where the security shortfalls are, to recommend solutions and for the safety of the company, ensure that the security policies are complied with.

IT audits are there to help keep a company safe from attacks, intrusion and negative publicity. More than a necessary evil, it is a positive reinforcement of policies that lowers company risk.

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