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While communication and information sharing is a necessity for both businesses and homes hackers, spammers and virus creators are busy.  The need for security measures have never been greater, and the necessity continues to increase.Security is no longer a luxury, or something that can be put off for later. Infiltration can begin with an incident as simple as a youngster logging on to a new internet game.  From thereon, it is up to the imagination of an unscrupulous individual.We set up your network(s) or connections to the internet with appropriate security setup, so that even your wireless network is secure.  Your connection to remote locations can be securely set up via a WAN (Wide Area Network) or VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A VPN is a way to provide remote access to an organization's network via the Internet. VPNs send data over the public Internet through secure "tunnels."

It is a network in which some of the parts are connected using the public Internet, but the data sent across the Internet is encrypted, so the entire network is virtually private. An example might be a company network where there are offices in different cities. Using the Internet the offices merge their networks into one network. The data is encrypted to insure that only the offices can see the data on the Internet link.

Firewalls  A network configuration, usually both hardware and software, that forms a fortress between networked computers within an organization and those outside the organization. It is commonly used to protect information such as a network's e-mail and data files within a physical building or organization site. The area within the firewall is called the demilitarized zone, or DMZ. Often, a single machine in the DMZ is allowed access to both internal and external computers. The computer in the DMZ is directly interacting with the Internet, so strict security measures on it are required.

Together with a well implemented firewall, and various intrusion detection systems, potential offenders can be detected and stopped before they get to the servers and network.

You could think of this as similar to a Burglar Alarm Monitoring system, except that we can really prevent break-ins, and not merely sound the alarm after a break-in.

Security Policies & Procedures  To achieve the security goals of a firm, adequate policies and procedures must be designed and then implemented using the appropriate hardware & software within the budget.

Netlogistix will work with you, your computer department or existing consultant to design and implement security policy procedures to achieve the safety of your network and computers.