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Our training services help you make Microsoft Office work harder for your office while you work smarter. From the basics to advanced, to specialized training, we can help you maximize your office productivity. Check the schedule below, for the latest and upcoming classes. Please contact us for on-site training, which can be offered at discounts, depending on the number of participants.
 SCHEDULE  Level Location Date Time Fee
Microsoft Excel 2010 Foundation
Thursday, June 14, 2012
Thursday, June 21, 2012
9 - 4 pm
9 - 4 pm
Microsoft Access, Word, PowerPoint coming soon - -   - -


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Excel Foundation  OutlinePDF Details
Using Excel 2010, Selection Techniques, Manipulating Rows and Columns, Manipulating Cells and Cell Content, Worksheets, Font Formatting, Alignment Formatting, Number Formatting, Freezing Row and Column Titles, Formulas, Functions, Charts, Customizing Excel

Excel Intermediate OutlinePDF Details
Setup & Printing Issues,  Functions and Formulas, Time & Date Functions, Mathematical Functions, Logical Functions, Mathematical Functions, Statistical Functions, Financial Functions, Lookup Functions, Database Functions, Named Ranges, Cell Formatting, Manipulating Worksheets,  Templates, Paste Special Options.

Excel Advanced  OutlinePDF Details
Pivot Tables, Input Tables, Charts, Hyperlinks, Linking & Embedding, Importing Text Files, Sorting and Filtering Data, Tracking and Reviewing Changes, Scenarios, Validating, Auditing, Macros, Passwords & Security Issues



Access Foundation  OutlinePDF Details
Opening a Database & Security Issues, Tables, Fields and Field Types, Table Navigation & Modification, Field Properties, Manipulating Tables & Records, Primary Keys and Indexing, Filtering, Sorting, Searching, Relationships, Forms.

Access Intermediate OutlinePDF Details
Queries, Reports, Exporting, Printing, the Access 2010 Interface, Database Terminology & Theory, Trusted Locations, Fields, Relationships, Joins

Access Advanced  OutlinePDF Details
Data manipulation, calculation, wildcard and parameter queries.  Report controls and calculations, Form controls and sub-forms.  Macros, Linking data, Importing and Exporting data.